Join us at StartMart on Monday, 3/6 at 6:30pm for Cloudy Mondays: AWS 101

Amazon Web Services 101 introduces cloud computing and illustrates the reasons why startups and enterprise alike are adopting the cloud. In this talk you’ll learn about what Amazon Web Services is and how our customers use our global infrastructure and 90+ services to deliver products and services to their customers reliably, securely, and cost efficiently. We’ll take a look at the services that AWS offers and drill down into those that are specifically beneficial to startups including AWS offerings that enable Serverless Architecture, DevOps, and mobile applications. $5 covers pizza. Register today!


About Cloudy Mondays:
The IT world is migrating to the cloud with amazing speed. Development today is more about stitching cloud services together than traditional programming. Cloud-based development requires an entirely new way of thinking about software. Call it Thinking In the Clouds, (anything but cloudy thinking!).

Flashstarts is launching the Cloudy Mondays Series to provide an ongoing series of educational services to Northeast Ohio so we can be on the cutting edge of this transformation. There are numerous cloud based services: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and others. Each provides unique value and different benefits. We plan to cover them all.

We picked Monday for several reasons:

1. Street parking in Downtown is totally FREE after 6:00
2. There are no competing sporting events on Monday
3. There is nothing else to do.
4. Cloudy Mondays is a cool name

In addition to introductory educational events for each major platform, we will be offering training, consultation, vendor support, user group space/meetings, and hopefully buckets of free usage credits. For most events there will be small fee to cover food and beverage, at least until we can obtain some sponsors.