Parking / Directions


Directions to our space

  • StartMart is located on the 2nd floor of Terminal Tower, which is attached to Tower City.
  • Once you arrive at Tower City, make your way to the Terminal Tower security desk near the Public Square entrance.
  • You will need to present a photo ID at the security desk in order to receive your guest pass. 
  • Use the bar code on your pass to enter the elevator lobby on your right. Take the last elevator on your right up to the 2nd floor. 
  • Once off the elevator, turn right into the main lobby. You have arrived at StartMart. We look forward to seeing you!


Parking Options


How to Get to StartMart

Train. We went to enormous expense to build an entire train terminal in our basement. The Red trains run directly from the Airport through the entire West Side of Cleveland. From the East Side there are 3 trains – Red trains have three stops in University Circle. The Blue and Green Trains run East, deep into Shaker Heights. There are multiple park-and-ride parking lots along all the routes.  If you come by boat (and we are directly connected to the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean), there is also a Waterfront Line. Train fare is $2.50. Here is a Train Route Map.

Bicycle. Our office and building are extremely bike friendly. We offer direct elevator access into our suite and bicycle racks in our office. There is an air pump, repair stand, and some basic tools. You can take your bicycle directly on the train and most buses. See train above. Here is a decent Cleveland Bike Lane Map.

Car. Environment be damned.  If you chose to drive we are surrounded by parking options. Our building is attached to the JACK Casino, The Tower City Avenue Shopping Mall, Q Arena/Cavaliers, and Progressive Field/Indians. Parking options range from $20 valet to $4.00 park-and-trolley. 

Plane. Cleveland Hopkins (CLE) is an international airport south west of our offices. Take the train directly to our basement train station for $2.25. Best deal in the Country.

Other. We have taxi cabs, Uber and Lyft service, limosSegway rentals, a large downtown private jet airport – Burke (BKL), numerous marinas, and maybe one horse carriage.