This month, we’re shining our member spotlight on Melissa Myerson who’s been with us at StartMart since November 2017.  Melissa is the Student Success Program Manager for We Can Code IT, a coding bootcamp dedicated to promoting diversity in the technology field. She oversees the professional development curriculum at WCCI and supports students throughout the bootcamp and during their post-graduation career search.

Melissa has an impressive history of supporting students in STEM fields. Before landing at WCCI, she led a variety of projects for the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM and prior to that served as an advisor and education director for different higher education organizations in the region. She’s especially passionate about supporting adult students in technology careers which has made WCCI a great fit for her skill set.

At We Can Code IT, Melissa has helped to maintain a 94% hiring rate within 6 months of student graduation. When giving advice to new job-seeking programmers, she says that the communication and networking skills can’t be emphasized enough. During her experience working with students, she rarely sees the best programmer get hired first. Students have to start building a strong professional network and honing their interview skills alongside their technical skills.

In her spare time, you can find Melissa getting really into Fantasy Gymnastics (basically the equivalent of Fantasy Football for college gymnastics- who knew??) and learning how to code herself!

If you’re looking for software developers or considering WCCI’s program, reach out to Melissa!