We’re delighted to feature Noah Zweben as our first member spotlight of 2019! Noah is a software engineer and enthusiast of all things art and nature who we’ve been lucky to have around StartMart since August 2017.

Noah grew up in the DC area and went to college in New York City at Columbia where he studied Computer Science. He kept himself busy inside and outside the classroom by leading outdoor orientation trips for new students and taking lots of art and dance classes.

Had you asked Noah where he thought he’d land after college, Cleveland was far from the top of the list. But as he was searching for opportunities after graduation, he came across Venture for America, a two year fellowship program that pairs recent college graduates with growing startups.

Through VFA, Noah landed a job at Votem, a Cleveland-based mobile voting company that’s using Blockchain to build a secure, transparent, and cost effective voting platform. He was drawn to the company’s mission to build technology that will bring our democratic processes into the 21st century and make them more accessible for all.

Noah has been working at Votem as a software engineer, supporting front end development for voter-facing ballots and the voter administration platform. He especially enjoys the opportunity to combine his interest in both design and programming.

Outside of StartMart, you can find Noah ice skating at Public Square, hiking in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, or taking drawing lessons at CIA. We’re happy to have Noah’s presence at StartMart and even happier that he’s made himself a home here in Cleveland.